Tesla Is The Most Purchased New Car In Switzerland

The most sought-after new automobile in Switzerland is the Tesla according to a report released by the Association of Automobile Importers, Auto-Suisse. 

Based on the data the market for new vehicles across Liechtenstein and Switzerland was also up. Switzerland and Liechtenstein finished 2021 with the same 0.7 percent growth over 2020.

"Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and its effects, the statement explains, the number of 238,481 new registrations is however significantly lower than the pre-pandemic level of 311,466 cars."

"Rich in challenges" continues Auto-Suisse The 2021 automobile year was'marked by delivery issues' due to the lack of electronic components used in the manufacture of vehicles.

There are positive aspects to mention. Demand for new passenger vehicles is rising, particularly when compared to 2020.

This change is triggered by increasing interest in electric cars. Additionally the EV is right now on top of the list of vehicles. 

It's an EV called the Tesla Model 3, which came in first place in all categories of vehicles, with 5,074 units sold. 

It's no surprise it's not surprising that Tesla is a top option for people looking to buy an all-new car. The same is true in the USA.

One of four car buyers during the beginning quarters of 2022 thought about purchasing a hybrid or an electric vehicle.

The most popular selection was a hybrid it's the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, EVs are gaining ground.

The top EV is that of the Tesla Model 3 and was then The Tesla Model Y (4th) and finally that of the Ford F-150 Lightning (7th). 

It's encouraging to see countries within Europe like Switzerland accepting Tesla as well as EVs.

In general overall, it is clear that the European market is way over the US in regards to market share for new electric vehicles.